c quinn demar headshotC. Quinn DeMar is one of Doug Hartley's pen names. Doug is a full-time business owner and has 40+ years of business writing experience. He has a bachelor's degree in business finance with a minor in Spanish and a graduate level degree in property and casualty insurance underwriting.

Doug loves reading but finds the process extremely difficult. While others around him can sit down and read a book in a few days, it takes him a month.

A reading teacher in elementary school discovered his challenge to read before dyslexia was classified as a real disorder. Now, with technology, he devours audiobooks and has employed text-to-speech programs for nearly two decades. Doug promotes alternative literature enjoyment methods for the visually challenged.

Doug dabbles in photography, film, and other visual arts. He's trying his hand at fiction writing by releasing his debut novels:

trust fall book cover c quinn demarTrust Fall

burning diamonds book cover c quinn demarBurning Diamonds