Burning Diamonds C. Quinn DeMarAustin Rouche, a software engineer for mammoth corporation Epica, dies in a suspicious car accident while carrying millions in diamonds. His wife, Celeste, is offered eight-million-dollars in hush money. Will she take the money and flee the country or stay to find out the truth. Was Austin a whistle-blower and paid the ultimate price?

Celeste, along with her new friends, Rémi, a geeky but hot French physics professor and Ashby, a heavily tatted former soldier turned diamond broker, travel abroad to investigate whether Austin was a hitman or truly died trying to save others.

Questions arise when the three discover the lab-created diamonds that fall into their possession contain coded data. What is it about those diamonds that Epica doesn’t want the world to know?

Using her new-found skill of astral travel, Celeste, though time and space, uncovers the horrifying truth of how and why Epica kidnaps and murders the world’s top academics.

Did you know diamonds can burn? And why would you want to?

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