Trust Fall by C. Quinn DeMarWhat is your greatest fear? Dr. Teresa Santos (Tessa), fears falling in love. All the guys who have entered her life are either drunks or pill poppers and want only one thing from her. And it's not her charming personality. She trusts no one and makes a career of alleviating the suffering caused by substance abuse. The inebriated patients who pass through her ER often suffer a bit more to atone for the deaths caused by her father’s drunk driving accident.

Michael Smith, an up-and-coming financial whiz, fears falling. He’s disappointed everyone in his life, from his running coach to his bosses and especially his father. Hospitals also give him the willies and will do anything to avoid them. Who will believe in him? Who can he trust? Just as he recognizes his self-worth, he winds up a suspect in a financial swindling scheme. Rather than take the fall, he runs away.

Tessa and Michael’s worlds collide when he tumbles from a cliff while hiking. After Michael's pleading, Tessa must choose whether to take him to the hospital against his wishes or tend to his wounds at her home. Can Michael finally be the one she has fantasized about her whole life? Can she trust him?

We hope you will enjoy C. Quinn DeMar's debut thriller with alternate endings. (If you don't like the one he dreamed up first.)

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